Monday, 14 May 2012


Now,memang banyak sangat dengar cerita pasal Palestin :(
kan kan?Okay,Semua dah tau kan pasal yang kena penjara tu
So,to help them..why not we change our DP ?
this is the least we could do kan?

yeah macam ni laa :)

# A call to change your profile picture for 2 days as a sign of solidarity to our Palestinian brothers and sisters in the prisons of the Zionist regime.The brown color is the color enforced upon our brothers and sisters by the Apartheid Zionist regime.The tag seen on the right side of the prisoner's chest reads "Shabas", or Israel Prison Service in English

So,macam mane ? 2 days only guys !

ohh ya , satu lagi.Tengok ni ,

Tahanan Palestin selepas 135 Hari Mogok Lapar

Mogok Lapar Sampai badan dia nampak tulang-tulang :'(

Let's Pray Together to Free Palestin :)

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